A girl is in constant touch with her mother. She sees her doing housework, cooking in the kitchen, and tries to imitate her lifestyle. Girl game during the past days without any expenditure was using old tins, used up cans, old rags, and making a mock kitchen. Three or four girls play this game together. In such girl game, one of the girls plays the role of the mother, cooking and taking care of the kitchen. One girl acts as her assistant and the others play the role of guests, wherein the girls treat the guests to tea, biscuits, all in an imaginary sort of way.

Today instead of using old accessories from the home, a whole kitchen set is available with all exact miniature articles used in the kitchen like knives, spoons, trays, cutting board, gas stove with gas cylinder, wash basin complete with  pipes, scraper, plates, cups and saucers etcetera. With the set girls can play cooking games as well, using the cutting board to cut vegetables, though these vegetables and fruits are made of plastic.

Small girls love to imagine that they are grown up, and are mature enough to take care of the family and kitchen. This kitchen set is very helpful in exposing the imagination of a child. This game stimulates a girl’s creativity largely through this world of make believe. The whole family becomes a part of this game when their child is happy playing with it. It is a sort of interaction among the entire family. In addition to the kitchen games some of the other games girls have been playing in the past were skipping, running and chasing around, hide and seek, flying kites, playing with stones. Playing these games has become scarce now with the advent of computer games and games on the internet.