The Internet has revolutionized every aspect of life. Now we can play games through the internet. There are many categories of this. Girl games, like cooking games,dress upcelebrity, kissing games etcetera. Everyday more games that are new add to the existing ones on the net. You can select the girl game depending on your likes and dislikes. Some websites have over 50 categories to choose from and typical seasonal categories to be at par with the current trends. Girls who like to dress up can play the dress up games, which consists of numerous fun, dress-up games for any girl and her friends. You can play this game by dressing up people, animals, kids, fairies and princesses. There are certain occasional games like wedding or a party where you can play the game by dressing up the bride with the latest fashionable accessories.

The adventurous and tomboy girls can explore the adventure games. A girl can play a detective like Enid Blyton or Nancy Drew. One has to pay special attention while clicking the mouse and click the right area of the game or you will have to start the game all over from the beginning. Playing the adventure games is bound to a lot of fun and it creates a sort of thrill and mystery among the players. One of the favorite games among the adventure category is the Mario games.

Almost every girl who wants to be a celebrity loves celebrity games. The favorite girl and boy celebrities dress up in any way the player likes online. The latest celebrity games are Hannah Montana’s pop star games, high school musical, and actor girl game as well. Online games for girls are becoming more popular than the old traditional games for girls. They are outdated now. So hop on and join the bandwagon of online games if you are a teenager.