Many flash websites on the Internet specify the female gamers as girl game. They are very popular and you will find that many girls love to play games online. There are different types of games like makeover, games related to cooking, dress up and time management. These games are very different to the normal games played by the male gamers. Playing these games provides you fun and is a good way to relax your mind. After playing such games, players will not feel stressed as one does in the boy’s games.

A girl game can be played at any given point of time. Below are the types of games played by girls:

· Time management games: It requires quick thinking and fast actions. It requires very quick thinking and you need to have fast reflexes. You need high level of concentration and you need to plan. The game can be anything, from setting up a dining table to making a flower bouquet.

·  Cooking games:  You will have loads of fun while you are playing such games. It will teach girl real recipes and it will be pleasurable. You will never get bored playing same type of game because every time, you will learn different recipes. They are not very challenging games, however they benefit girls, and they can learn cooking faster. The site will give you the list of ingredients and the method of cooking.

Makeover games: They are mainly of two categories, places, and people. These games are for different type of girls who like to dress nicely and can focus on their hair and makeup. These games focus on the overall look and not only clothing.  Girls can put makeup like a super star or like a business women. They have all the cosmetics given to them, from eyeliner to blush to lipstick.