The newest cool thing in online games is cooking games. Children and parents alike, all over the world, are raving about them. You can discover the chef in you with these games. Experiment with the different available ingredients, create your own new recipes or just cook some standard dishes in a race with the clock or with other gamers. Cooking games are of several varieties, so you can find something interesting for yourself to hone your creative skills for a few hours.

There is a new cooking game available in the girl game category from Nintendo, which is "Cooking Mama." This game is for the latest portable game console, from Nintendo, the DS. It features the microphone, touch screen and stylus to give you the best kind of cooking simulator ever made. No, Cooking Mama does not expect you to press any buttons. You can use the stylus in order to simulate different cooking processes like chopping, flipping things, mixing, and so on. In addition to this, you can use the microphone if you want to cool hot food. All you need to do is blow at it. The game has a about 15 recipes. These are basic recipes. As you go to the next level, you can unlock newer recipes. In fact, you can play with as many as 75 recipes.

When you begin, the recipes are simple and go on becoming complex as you go higher in the cooking. Thus, the last recipe will be the most complex. It requires you to think and act fast. It improves your reflexes and your judgment at cooking. Cooking games can be fun. There are various other types of girl game websites, which will help you to decide a game to choose. These games are not only suitable for little girls but also mamas to improve their cooking skills.