The latest to enter into the Flash games is cooking games. They are the hottest games available today. Arcade games, puzzles and word games are very popular on many portals; yet, cooking games seem to take over these games. Girls especially in their teens seem to enjoy to cooking games. So what is a cooking game?  Essentially, these games revolve around food, its classification, preparation, decoration etcetera. Anything that concerns cooking and food is a cooking game. You will find jigsaws puzzles, slide puzzles and card games that concern food and on various things related to food.

There are two types of flash games, one game gives you a specific recipe that you will have to cook and serve your customer. It can be anything, from a pizza, to a burger, cake, sushi or almost anything. You have to select the ingredients and prepare the food item before your time runs out. In another game, you can decorate a cake with the dressing of your choice.  This game tests your creative skills. You can even display your creations to your friends by printing it or emailing it to them. Girls generally are very creative and appreciate the finer things in life.

While the olden type of games gave more importance to winning the game, or defeating the enemy, the new girl game lays a lot of stress on designing and creativity. Today it is not important to win a game but to display your creative skills. The whole idea of playing girl game is to enjoy rather than win or lose. The gaming portals also understand this pattern of thinking and so they are designing games according to the tastes and preferences of their customers. In the new emerging market for games, we see a maturity in thought and change in the idea of enjoyment.