When we talk about boys games, we find a lot of action games and superhero games. These games include superman, batman or some action games like GTA Vice City or some robot games. However, when we talk about the girl game section, the games are different like creative games, cooking games, dolls, and some such sober games. When we browse the internet, we will find many games today, specially designed for the girls. These games are such that they to keep the girls occupied and educate them. Girls love to play with dolls, take care of them, wear them creative outfits, dress up their dolls, brush their hair as also feed them. Many a times we find a group of little girls are busy and too serious for their age. When you take a peak into the activities that they undertake, you will find that they very seriously try to imitate their mothers, try cooking, feeding, and educating their dolls.

When we surf the internet in search of cooking games we find various websites and a number of cooking games. These games are great fun and very interesting for the children who like to cook their own food. They can make a pizza or bake a cake, or cook breakfast for the family, prepare a burger or an ice cream. There are many categories, which they can choose to play. One of the most popular sites is where they have Christmas cooking. You will find a number of authentic Christmas dishes, which the children can make online and enjoy themselves.

Most of the girl game has the entire set of instructions and directions on how to go about playing the game. If, for example, you wish to bake a cake, then you will find systematic directions on how to bake it, beginning with the ingredients list that you will need. You can collect the ingredients and with the mouse, mix them and bake the cake, decorate it and present it in your own special way. Most of these games have timers so that there is some thrill in playing the games. The task must be complete within the fixed time. Follow these instructions and enjoy these games.