When we look for games for our children, the main intention is to keep them occupied. Therefore, we look for games that need long hours of play and ones, which can hold their attention for a few hours. We are not sure if the children will like them or not but we try to find games according to their nature and interest. What we fail to look for is that these games should be educative too. We want them to be busy but we also must want them to learn something new with each game.

When we look for games for the boys, we choose the games depending on their nature and temperament. If they are the kind of children who like to play outdoors then we buy them outdoor games like cricket set, football, volleyball etcetera but if they are the type of children who like to spend more time indoors, and then we buy them indoor games. However when we go to buy girl game, we realize that most of them are indoor games and a few outdoor games. Girls usually like to play with dolls, dressing them up and accessorizing them. They also like cooking games. In fact, if you look closely, you will observe that these games teach the girls many virtues.  They learn to be patient. When they try the dishes the first time, they are never able to make them on time. They have to try repeatedly to perfect each level of cooking.

Thus, they learn the virtues of patience, multi tasking and perseverance. They learn to handle many tasks at the same time. They also learn time management because they have to complete the task within the given time. They have to keep on trying and not to give up.  So go out and look up the girl game section at the store!